As a PBIS school we have chosen three expectations of behavior that we want to see within the school. They are Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  Teachers throughout the building all have the opportunity to acknowledge students with "Bee Bucks".  These Bee Bucks are placed into a hive in the students classroom and once a week a raffle is held to select two students and one teacher to select a prize.  

We now have second grade Student Leaders as part of our extension of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).  These students are chosen by their teachers because they exemplify our expectations or have made progress towards their demonstration of Responsible, Respectful and Safe. 

Student leader responsibilities are: to be visible in the hallways (in yellow and black vests) at dismissal and acknowledge their peers expected behavior with a blue ticket.  The expected behavior in the hallway is walking, using an inside voice and carrying your backpack safely. Groups of Leaders change every two months right now and are trained by the PBIS trainer in the building.

Now Second and First graders have to opportunity to be acknowledged and they get their name put in a special drawing for a prize. Lots of excitement as the students work towards being chosen by their teachers as Leaders as well as students wanting to be acknowledges by their peers!!

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